Friday, June 19, 2009

Impossibly Cute

My dad just reported this conversation between him and my seven-year-old sister, Yi Rong:

YR: Is Danny going to stay with April, not like his other girlfriends?

Dad: I don't know.

YR: Seems like they're pretty happy.

Dad: Yes, but it's pretty hard to know that kind of thing.

YR: Probably Danny doesn't even know.

Dad: Right.

Wow. Seven going on 37, I'd say. Could you get any cuter?

And, yes, they call me Danny.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The only thing stripping was the bed

Just got back from Tim's bachelor party weekend and boy is my donkey tired.

Sorry, you had to see the movie to get that joke. Let me tell you, this was one crazy weekend! How crazy? Well, for starters we did a Macrobrew Blind Taste Test! Eric D poured us all little cups of beers in three different categories: Mexican, Cheap Domestic, and Fancy Pants Imports. Then we had to rank them in order of pleasantness. Talk about crazy!

No, seriously, who would've thought Tecate would finish first and Pacifico last? Or that Sopporo would be up top and Stella at the bottom? And two kinds of Miller would get their asses waxed by Bud and Pabst? Wow!

Drinking was only one of our games though. Because if you take 12-14 guys and stick them in a cabin in Dillon Beach without any women, they will immediately start playing games. (For Matt's we didn't have enough games, so we invented new ones!) We knew this ahead of time, so we designed a sort of Tim Decathalon, with brackets and everything. (Meanwhile, the ladies were home in Oakland, talking. Talking?!) We didn't exactly finish all the sports, but I can tell you that Brent throws a nasty Missouri Washer, Rolf plays some mean ping-pong, and Tim knows all about Beer (he had a lock on the latter contest, since the winner was the person whose answers were the closest to, well, his). Oh yeah, and John S may want to consider going pro in Disc Golf.

What else happened? We wrestled some California King Snakes.

We drank with Vikings and Mouseketeers.

We rode a time machine to the future to play foosball.

We played poker with freaky Menonites.

And, um, we looked good in leather.

We also were served beer and peanuts by David's kid, who's just about the perfect three-year-old host ever. That's a perfectly good reason right there to have a child.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Sov Story

People have been asking me to blog about the recent Lady Sovereign show at Rickshaw Stop. Well, I talked to SF Weekly about it, so they've got a good account of the fiasco here.

I would stress that she acted like a total prat the whole time, fuming and pacing around the stage, calling the sound crap, while even she admitted it sounded great for the openers. (Hollywood Holt was just awesome -- that guy will be a star, if there's any justice.) She also told everyone that SHE'd give them their money back, which of course meant a run of people at the bar, blaming us for the sound and demanding their cash back, when the whole thing was of her making (it would've been better if they stormed the green room and demanded their money directly from her; maybe then she wouldn't have trashed the place). What else? She seemed drunk, but not as drunk as during the in-store clip that is on the SF Weekly site. She started crying towards the end of her last aborted song, which makes me think that maybe she's not ready for the big time. I mean, who lets their fans down by playing only three songs, then trashes the club (verbally and physically), tells everyone to get their money back, and then slips out the back door without saying anything to the management? And does the same thing night after night! Uncool.

In other news, some friends got married recently. I gave them this Burger Halen print by Thomas Lessner. He's from Philly and he's one of Amanda Blank's favorite artists. He paints lots of metal and soft-rock icons, and he did this hilarious ad for Sn*ckers (scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the dude three times).

Hey, remember Cody ChestnuTT? The guy that the two girls in Me, You, and Everyone You Know demanded be the soundtrack to their blowjob competition? Well, apparently now he's found God, and he plays one long song at shows, where he requests no one clap. I liked him better when he "Looked Good in Leather."

Look, Grumpy Guy's back!