Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Try Something Gnu

After reading this New Yorker article about Chat Roulette, I had a brilliant idea. My most brilliantest idea ever. More amazing than peanut butter donuts. More stupendous than Green Cheese. More insane than toilets made of rose petals. We should have a Night of Trying New Things.

Because there's always stuff you hear about and want to try but never get around to or are afraid to do alone or don't have the Jaws of Life for. Like Chat Roulette. Or zorbing.

So here's a rundown of things we tried:

Turkish nutella - Delicious! Mixing white and milk chocolate for a taste sensation.

Yorkie chocolate bar - This is, apparently, not for "girls." However, when ladies ate them, they didn't turn into frogs or worse. Eh.

Pocky's Mens Bitter - More dude-centric food. What's with this trend? Pocky strawberry is way better.

Some crazy Chinese liquor - Soooo strong and kind of gross.

A durian - This southeast asian fruit smells as horrible as they say. Like sweat socks that have grown mold for a few years. We chopped it up outside so it wouldn’t pervade the house. The taste? Pretty awful. Hard not to smell at the same time.

The reissue of Exile on Main Street - The new songs are okay, nothing super exciting. According to this article, the songs aren't even necessarily from the French recording sessions or from 1969. And Mick re-recorded a bunch of the vocals. And I have no idea what this writer is talking about when he says the new "Loving Cup" is their best song ever. Sounds Stoned in all the worst ways.

Chat Roulette - Was hoping we'd get to see something like this guy. But really it was just penis, penis, penis, giggling teen, penis, penis. Both April and I had penis nightmares that night.

Miracle Fruit Tablets - These are awesome! You let one dissolve on your tongue and then everything bitter tastes sweet. Grapefruits are amazing, beer is super smooth, even durian tastes alright.

Oh yeah, and the orgy room was a big hit.

Here's some stuff people suggested for next time:

Salvia divinorum
pistachio-milk gelatin
sub-prime mortgage applications