Thursday, December 21, 2006

Four strikes and you're out

You know what they say: The fourth time is the charm. That's right, this is my fourth blog. What happened to the other ones?

Well, let's see, the first one got firebombed by a flame war, in which some band's friends called me names (don't worry, we all sorted it out and are the bestest of friends now). Number 2 died because I got bored and then switched over to Livejournal because I heard it was better for photos. The third one didn't last too long (boredom again, and a relationship, which makes you less inclined to blog, and a book project, which really makes you want to get away from a computer and get a life).

And now the fourth. Why? I'm single and kind of bored. So most likely it won't last too long either. But I am getting a digital camera for the holidays, so that should guarantee some quality photos on here. And I think I'd like to do more film rants. Seems like no one I know goes to the movies any more so I need some outlet for my opinions. And I can't spend all my time on Yelp.

Saturday, December 9, 2006

Let me tell you a story ... in a month

Hey, I wrote another novel last month. Yeah, that makes seven. Seven crappy novels. That's got to be a record. Oh wait, Chris and Ryan have written eight (and at least one of Chris' isn't crappy).

Anyhoo, this year I decided to steal a page (or 166) from Dr. Frank and try to write a teen novel. You know, like Judy Blume meets Youth in Revolt. It was about a girl in Western Massachusetts who's an outcast child of a hippie mom and a wayward dad (ahem). She gets into rap and eventually is convinced to post a song about her classmates and teachers online. Thus, she gets attacked, suspended, sent off to California, peed on, drugged, made out with, and finally, cornrowed. Somehow, the plot seemed to get away from me.

But it was fun. Maybe I can sell it to John Hughes.