Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The most wonderful time of the year

I've been meaning to put something up here about the Rickshaw's annual Holiday Throwdown and, now that Fresh Pink's been so kind to share her photos of the eventful day, I can.
It started out with all of us biking aimlessly around the city in the rain. Here we're circling the roundabout for 5-6 times.

Unfortunately, it was too slippery and April took a horrible fall on some train tracks. She toughed out the rest of the day, but it later turned out she had a fractured elbow! What a trouper!

Gathering our (first) wounded warrior, we all jumped onto Caltrain and road to Millbrae, where we rode some more.

Finally, we arrived at our first destination ... go-karts!

Elly and Josh took first in the very long 15 minute session. Twenty-two laps! Um, for the faster people. Not to get all competitive. At least I didn't plow into Amy so hard that her safety harness flew off! (Wow, was she ever purple the next day, when we ran into her in the emergency room.) No wonder Megan's looking a little nervous.

Time for stage two, so get on the bus until we're in Palo Alto ... for badminton!

More bus action leads us to ... a mechanical bull ride! I was going to take a pass -- bad back, allergy to looking stupid -- but finally decided to hop on. And crazy enough, I lasted over a minute and beat the bull! Didn't get tossed, got to keep a hat. Boy howdy!

Megan was a trooper too, giving the bull a try. This might be my favorite pic of the day.

Finally, we took off towards the city, singing along to ELO and getting progressively drunker.

Thank god for the Mexican food.

How do we ride into the sunset? With custom made shirts, of course.


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