Monday, November 30, 2009

More about My Mustache

Why would someone walk around town for a month with facial hair that makes them look like a '70s porno star, a gay cop, or a child molester? For the kids, of course!

After watching the Mustache for Kids 'Stache Bash the last couple years at the Rickshaw, I decided to join the fun this year. The deal: you grow a from-scratch 'stache over the course of a month, and then you ask people to donate money in order to endure the embarrassment. All the cash goes to, which funnels money to teachers who need stuff for their classrooms. Very cool, right?

Here's my M4K page, and here's my donor page, where I've picked out a bunch of worthy classroom projects. I know no one's got any money these days, but if you've got anything stuck between the cushions of the couch, this would be a nice way to spend it. (A burrito is also a good use for that change.)

The Stache Bash is at the Rickshaw again this year, on Dec 17. See you there!

Here's the look at Day 13 of My Stache:


April said...

Endure the embarrassment? Don't you mean the hottness? I'm gonna pin that photo over my bed! Oh wait, I can just roll over and take in the mustache magnificence in person. I am the luckiest girl in the world!

elka said...

I love your blog, even though I've never met you (Hi! I'm a friend of Jenn Tsai's? I promise I'm not creepy I swear) -- you're hilarious. I just had to say.

Dan said...

Thanks a bundle!

I think you know my girlfriend April from Mills too, no? Small freaking world!

elka said...

If she's the April I knew, then you had better hug her for me RIGHT NOW and be good to her FOREVER AND EVER because she is so wonderful! Holy crap! Small world indeed.

April said...

It is the April you knew! It is! It is! Hello Elka! I hope you are doing wonderfully and that there is somebody lovely nearby to give you a big for me!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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