Friday, October 30, 2009

Train Off the Tracks

There's a review of Train's new disc in the current issue of San Fran Magazine. It, well, it suggests that the band has "made the perfect disc for middle-aged divorcées to blast out the windows of their Chevy Minivans."

Apparently some middle-aged divorcées didn't take too kindly to such chitter chatter (even though, at the end of the review, it says the band is "underestimating that audience's intelligence").

Here's a quote:
"I won't bother to go into an amateur analysis of what kind of trauma would induce a (I am guessing) young man to have such negative feelings toward older women, but his review manages to insult our clothing and bodies ("many pairs of Mom jeans a-wriggling"), our purported emotional neediness, susceptibility to trite lyrics, clichés, and superficial cultural references (Sonny and Cher, the Doobie Brothers), and general bad taste in music. And cars (Chevy minivans). So we have a little class prejudice as well as sexism, pretty ambitious for a tiny review."

She thinks the review was pretty ambitious! And written by a young man!

If only I weren't already taken…

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